Members of Sigma Alpha Mu are given many opportunities to develop their leadership experience and be active leaders in the community. Brothers are encouraged to take on officer roles and the responsibilities that come with such positions. Many of our members hold high positions in other campus organizations such as Rutgers Hillel, The Daily Targum, The Medium, RHA, Intramurals and club sports, and Rutgers Radio. 


A university is first and foremost an institution of higher learning, and we at Sigma Alpha Mu consider academics to be of utmost importance. We have mandated study hours every week to offer brothers a set time and quiet environment to devote to their studies. Sigma Alpha Mu has consistently ranked as one of the top GPA fraternities on campus. Our national and alumni associations also offer various scholarships and grants for outstanding individuals. 


We strive for our members to be actively involved on campus and within the Greek community. As well as other organizations brothers are involved in, the brotherhood competes as an intramural team, organizes fundraisers and alumni events, participates in Greek events, holds brotherhood events and retreats, and much more. It is important for our members to have a strong presence throughout their collegiate experience.